Java Collaborative Computing
              Java collaborative computing across computers.
  The configuration uses java.util.Properties. Code to load configuration file:
			Configuration.load(new File(""));
Below is a table introduce all possible parameters. All parameters are optional
hostnameThe name for this hosthost1InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName()
unicast.interfaceThe interface should be used for unicast socket connection. This will overwrite unicast.network192.168.1.1The first non-loopback interface
multicast.interfaceThe interface should be used for multicast socket connection. This will overwrite multicast.network192.168.2.1The first non-loopback interface
unicast.networkThe network that unicast interface in. network that first non-loopback interface in.
multicast.networkThe network that multicast interface in. network that unicast interface in.
multicast.groupThe multicast group used by multicast socket connection.
multicast.cachesizeTo avoid data lost, packages sent by multicast will be cached. This parameter will set the cache size. Larger cache will reduce data lost possibility but consume more memory.819265536
multicast.sendintervalWhen data lost is detected in multicast. Multicase sender will turn into low speed mode until data lost is recovered. In low speed mode, there will be a delay(in millisecond) between send 2 data package.21
timeout.rpcDefault waiting time for a rpc response returned(im millisecond).12345300000
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